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Manufacturing solutions

Since 2014, MYST is bringing trust in its clients supply chain operations.

For many of us, Asia represents an inescapable step for manufacturing. However, how many companies succeed to maintain a long term strategy at a lower cost, without local support?

MYST provide flexible solutions that answer most of your supply chain needs at a glance. You remain completely free to any engagement.

But beyond providing services, we commit to deliver excellence standards for quality, health, environmental, social and safety regulations.

Check out how our organization is structure to reduce your cost, and help you become a trusted brand.

Outsourced sales forces

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Business support

The business concierge services from MYST are a guarantee of reliability and efficiency for all your business operations in Asia.

Planning your local implementation as well as businesses meetings require local know-how to be time and cost saving. However, how to reach this expertise and widen your range of opportunities?

MYST provide customs solutions to any kind of structures, and help you understand Asian market and the way to reach it. We provide solution either your business scope is global or local.

Company implementation, accounting services, meeting appointment, networking and fair trade events… Visit next page to discover our full range of services and how we will help you develop your presence in Asia.

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MYST business model have been developed to answer needs created by internet new procurement platform such as, and much more.

This trend leads many actors to seize the opportunity to purchase directly to the factories.

No contest a great opportunity for those who are interested in developing their catalog and widening their margin!

However any company is also concern about the quality of their products and the trust they share with their customers.

  • MYST is specifically built to develop this trust by ensuring high quality requirements.
  • MYST is specifically organized to share the local know-how.
  • MYST is SME and starts-up oriented.

Because working with another trading company is also losing control on your project, MYST act as your appointed local partner, with no other interest than the success of your project.


Created by two French entrepreneurs, MYST has been developed with understanding of our client. The management team is issued from procurement position in various fields such as aeronautical, medical, apparel, furniture… In big or smaller structure, and are perfectly able to understand all the questions crossing your minds while starting procurement projects abroad.

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